June 21, 2010

Banzai Double Drop Falls Water Slide

Are you big enough to master the awesome power of this Banzai double drop falls super slide?  It’s a beast of a slide that your kids, and the occasional adult will love using every single day.

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Water slides for home use are really making a lot of families very happy an you can have your own too.

The good thing about this Banzai water slide is it isn’t overly greedy on floor space needed, and can fit in many more peoples gardens than other versions and still provide hours of fun and pleasure for all the family.

It measures, when inflated 18 feet and 6 inches in length by just 4 foot 10 inches in width, and a respectable 9 foot 6 inches high overall.

Simply clear some space on your lawn, and ensure there are no sharp objects underneath it.  Attach the continuous air flow blower and it will be fully inflated in under 3 minutes.

You can attach any hose to add the water, helping to keep everything slippery, and then that’s where the fun begins.

Take a deep breath and plunge yourself down the double dip, being showered by the water jets as you come down.

Hit the splash pool at the bottom and you can step out at the side, where the side wall has a dropped section to allow easy access.

The heavy duty Dura Tech polymer material is UV resistant, so will keep it’s bright colors for longer.  It also helps to keep punctures and small tears down to a minimum.

If you like fun, and you need to keep the kids entertained then you are going to love the Banzai double drop falls.

Allow it to fully dry out, and use a sponge and water to clean it before you put it away when not in use.

It comes with a  carrying bag if you need to store it away, but it folds down really small anyway so can easily be stowed flat somewhere in your garage or in the trunk of your car if you are going away on vacation and want to take it with you.

To allow these slides to last a long time, and after extensive research from other customers the best advice I can offer is to ensure the slide is fully dry after use.  Dry the top, then flip it over to dry the other side.  If you do this, and observe the weight limits it should easily last at least 3 years.

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