Banzai Water Slides – Set Up A Water Park In Your Backyard In 10 Minutes

Banzai water slides are a great toy for Summer and the warmer weather. They encourage kids to play outdoors rather than playing video games or watching TV indoors. They promote exercise and are a lot of fun too. Set them up on a lazy afternoon to keep the kids occupied or put them up for big events and functions like birthday parties. Whats more they can be unpacked, inflated and ready to go in under 10 minutes. They are sure to be popular however you choose to use them.

Types of Banzai Water Slides

Banzai waterslides can be fit into four categories. There are the inflatable slides that you use with an in ground swimming pool (See picture to the right). They are pretty straightforward. You simply position them on the side of your pool and slide down into the pool. They add a bit of extra fun to using your in ground swimming pool.

The other slide that Banzai seem to specialize in is the long slippy slide (picture below). This is basically a long sheet of material (reinforced PVC plastic) that is laid out on the ground in your backyard. A sprinkler system that attaches to the common or garden hosepipe keeps the sheet wet and slick for sliding. The children (and a few adults too no doubt) run up to the slide and dive onto it. Their momentum on the slick surface propels them along the sheet giving a great sliding sensation.

The idea of the slippy slide is very simple and you may have even made your own once with a spare piece of plastic sheeting but the Banzai slippy slides have taken the idea to the next level. For instance, the sprinkler system goes all the way along the slide so that there are no dry spots that can bring your sliding to an abrupt halt.

They have also added extra features, like having a dual or triple slide (pictured) and an object (flag) at the end of the slide. The idea is that people can race each other to see who gets to the flag first. This game aspect of the slides can have kids playing on it for hours as they challenge there friends or siblings and improve their running and sliding technique to get the best speed.

The other types of Banzai water slide are the fully blown inflatable slides. They are a slide ride similar to what you might find in one of those big fancy water parks. In fact some of the Banzai water slides are referred to as a water park because they are so large and have numerous slides and other activities to do on them.

Of course they will never compare to the rides you would find at a water park in terms of size but they are a good option for people that want to set up a water slide in their back yard. These inflatables can be set up in 10-15 minutes and use a continuous air blower to keep the slide inflated and make the sliding easier.

One example of these types of toys is the Banzai falls original water slide. It is a straight drop slide with a small splash pool at the end of the run to slow the slider down. You access the top of the slide via a climbing wall. Climbing the wall is almost as much fun as sliding down the slide.

More elaborate water slides (or water parks) are the Jungle blast water park and the roaring rapids water park. These are large inflatables that include 2 or three slides, a lagoon style pool for playing around in and other diversions like a basket ball hoop or water cannons. These types of inflatable are ideal for a large family or a get together when plenty of children can be present. The kids can play on the slides, in the pool or shoot some hoops. They can splash their friends with the water cannon as they come down the slide and just generally be kids for the afternoon.

Bit more about Banzai

Kids having fun on a Roaring Rapids Adventure Slide

Banzai make all sorts of inflatables and water toys. In terms of inflatables they make water slides, bouncers or bounce houses and swimming pools.

Bouncers give kids the chance to jump around on an inflated mattress of air. These type of toys come in various shapes and sizes and have additional features along with the jumping area. For instance, some have obstacle courses that encourage children to climb through tunnels or over walls. They are a lot of fun and children will play on the for hours on end.

Swimming pools are generally fairly smallish inflatable paddle pools for young children. They sometimes come with a theme that will spark the child’s imagination or fascinate them. These type of inflatable pools can also be used by adults to sit in and cool off when the weather is particularly hot or humid.

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